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USA Today Network Storytellers Project’s Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers is the USA Today Network's Storytellers Project national manager. Hear about the project, her time with the Ventura County Star, the podcast,

"Never 30" and her journey as a journalist. 

A Chat with Whitley Strieber

Our guest on this episode is the well known author, Whitley Strieber. Whitley is a good friend and a fellow experiencer. Always fascinating to talk with him.

Whitley on Amazon

Unknown Country

Actress and Screenwriter, Laurene Landon

Intriguing and lovely chat with Laurene Landon whose career spans almost 40 years and covers all genre. 

Her Imdb is: Laurene Landon

But Something is There, the series


Modelman Tom - Tom Piedmont

Interview with model maker and good friend, Tom Piedmont also known as

Modelman Tom.

Marc Bachrach, Stage and Clinical Hypnotist, Cantor and Entertainer

Marc Bachrach is a multi-talented man who shares with us his "origin" story and what makes Marc, Marc. He didn't tell me but I think "Mensch" is his middle name.

Cantor Mark

Hypnosis Shows



Robb Wolford, actor, director, producer and singing waiter

This morning we chatted with Robb Wolford who co-starred in our production, "But Something is There". Robb shares his very colorful career with us.

The Crusaders357

Micelis Restaurant

Carmen Curtis, co-owner of The Aerial Studio & AIReal Yoga in Ventura, California

Today we chat with our neighbor, Carmen Curtis of The Aerial Studio and AIReal Yoga.

Find out more about her at and 

SNG Flight

Steve chats about his RC airplane passion and his history with the hobby.

Diana Hamann, Puppeteer & Miniature Maker, Production Designer & Set Decorator

Diana Hamann's film career has been as a puppeteer & miniature maker, production designer, set decorator and producer. She puppeterred the mouth of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man in Ghostbusters and the tongue of the snake in Beetilejuice.

Ghost Hunter, Richard Senate

Richard Senate joins us to discuss his method of ghost hunting, his books and paranormal stories.

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