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Continuing Career of Doug Drexler

Doug Drexler visits us via Zoom for a conversation about his past and continuing career. 

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Bob Redman of Capt Bob’s Rockets & Robots

Bob shares with us his love of teaching about rockets, robots and space with elementary school children  and more... find out more at his website: Captain Bob's Rockets & Robots

Patricia Miller aka in Dr. Who cosplay as River Alexander Song

Patricia Miller , better known to some as River Alexandra Song has led many lives.

Throughout those many lives just what has she done? She earned her degree in theatre

from Northern Michigan University, where she performed in several shows and did tech

for many more. She’s sung opera too, established a dinner theatre company, was

consort to a jewel thief (she did get the diamond) before making an escape to California.

California – where she was one of the founders of EZTV ;worked with the Mark Taper

Forum Lab, and the LA Free Shakespeare Festival. She produced a horror film too…

2001: A Space Odyssey chat with Dan Richter and Gary Lockwood

A chat with Dan Richter and Gary Lockwood about one of Steve Neill's all time favorite films, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This is the last podcast for 2019. Thank you so much for listening to SNG Now! 

Looking forward to sharing in 2020. Have a Wonderful Chrismukkah and Happy New Year!

Tracy Hudak of Creativity Works

Interview with Tracy Hudak and the challenges creatives have in the present environment.

Creativity Works

SNG Aero -Rocketry!

Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapaglia chat about rockets and making rockets.

National Association of Rocketry

SNG Aero

Miguel Rodriguez, Community Activist

A short and informative chat with Miguel Rodriguez who is a community activist in Ventura County and presently Community Outreach Manage for The Port of Hueneme, Oxnard Harbor District

Friends of the Ventura River



Focus on the Masters’ Own Donna Granata

Donna Granata is a professional photographer and founder of Focus on the Masters

Donna's story and her Focus on the Masters (FOTM) i- a non-profit, 501(c)(3), art appreciation program that documents, preserves and presents the works and lives of accomplished contemporary artists. 

They present work to a broad public through extensive education outreach to all ages – including at-risk youth through our Learning to See Youth Outreach program, public monthly Artist Spotlight Series, exhibitions, publications, website and an extensive resource library.

Experience Zapotec Art & Culture with Porfirio Gutiérrez y Familia   Oct. 29 – Nov. 5, 2019

Actor Jabari Simba

Jabari Simba Visits SNG Studio. Jabari has been acting since 2001 . His Imdb is

Jabari Simba-Imdb

A Chat with Visual Effects Artist, Glenn Campbell

Glenn Campbell is a visual effects artist, producer, director and a fascinating person. You can see a list of all the movies he's worked on at Imdb, Glenn Campbell 

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